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Understudy Guns


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Teach me to shoot!

I’ve been asked by some why I am such a proponent of Gunsite Academy. There are a number of reasons but most importantly, its reliability. Have you ever suggested to a friend that they eat at a certain restaurant? A … Continue reading

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My New Pistol

By virtue of my occupation, I get to try out a lot of guns that I am interested in without having to purchase them. Often, during the testing some of the appeal wears off and my check book is spared. … Continue reading

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Shooting at Long Range in the Wind

One of the most important aspects of long range rifle shooting is shooter and spotter communication. Especially when the winds are high. Today Weatherby’s Tim Frampton was spotting for me and the wind was whipping. He did and outstanding job. … Continue reading

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Arizona’s own Ruger LCP

Do you like the Ruger LCP? Think you might like one in the color of Arizona dirt? Ruger is offering one; the Centennial LCP. It is an LCP with a special color frame and markings to celebrate Arizona’s centennial. You … Continue reading

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Entry Level Long Range

Shooting at long range is becoming more popular. When I was young, long range was anything on the other side of 200 yards; a distance that required hold over. Now days, long range starts at around 500 yards. Its true … Continue reading

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Outdoor Ready

Gunsite instructor Ed Stock explains the outdoor ready position with a shotgun. This position is also compatible with a rifle or carbine. With outdoor ready the idea is to be in a position from which you can readily assume a … Continue reading

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