To all Empty Cases Subscribers

If you have subscribed to the Empty Cases Blog at the address, you’ll need to subscribe again if you want to continue to follow this blog. The address for the new Empty Cases BLOG has changed to:

You’ll be directed to this site if you enter the old address but, the links in e-mails which are being delivered to those who subscribed through the site are broken.

So, don’t miss any more posts. Got to and click on the SUBSCRIBE link just below the header on the right.


And, thanks for your continued visits to the Empty Cases BLOG.

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Understudy Guns

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To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth

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New look for EMPTY CASES

Thanks to the talented web designers over at Wild Country Studios, Empty Cases is getting a new look. That’s the good news. The bad news is the address is changing so take note.



Starting on July 11, 2012 you will need to direct your browser to to follow this blog.


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The Empty Cases Blog is moving to soon.

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BLOG Interruption

Due the the storm we experienced last week, we are still unable to connect to the I-net. This post is courtesy of 4G cellular, via an iPad. We apologize for being unable to fill your daily need of gun related jabber and hope to be bak on line soon.

In the meantime take note: In early August the Empty Cases BLOG is moving to There will be a new, more user friendly format. Additional information on how to redirect your browser and subscription services will be forthcoming.

Until then, and until we get I-net service you could say that Empty Cases is standing by….

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