My name is Richard Mann and I’m a gunwriter.

Nobody – not editors or even family members – really know what a gunwriter does. I don’t know what other gunwriters do. I have a good idea about those that are friends and some sneaking suspicions about others.

Many believe since a gunwriter’s name appears in print in a glossy magazine that he makes a lot of money. My neighbors think all I do is shoot, friends believe it takes no longer to write an article than it does to read it, my kids think all I do is travel and my wife wishes she had a job like mine but with food or fashion as the topic. My mother-in-law thinks I’m lazy and just play on the computer all time – except when I shooting or hunting.

I have to admit, it never really feels like work to me – more of an all-consuming hobby. I only hope my writings and photographs might enlighten some and entertain others. I can’t say that a look at what I do from time to time will bring you any closer to understanding what the gunwriting profession is all about. Most of you probably could care less.

What I can do on this BLOG is give you a peak into the life of a hillbilly that has managed to find a way to pay his bills without having a real job. On occasion, I also might be able to share with you something I have learned or show you some new and really cool guns, gear or places and things to hunt.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Richard Mann