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Batman’s First Pistol Match

Today there was a combat pistol match at our local range. My son Bat has been telling me he would like to try a match so we loaded up his Wilson Combat BATMANn pistol, braved the rain and headed out … Continue reading

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Food for Thought – Defensive Handgun Bullet Weight

Folks get all tied in knots when it comes to defensive handgun ammunition. One guy will say something about carrying 185 grain loads in his .45 and another will call him a fool and claim anything less than 230 grains … Continue reading

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Any way you look at it, this is BIG NEWS

Remington Defense has just been awarded a contract to produce up to 120,000 M4/M4A1 carbines for the U.S. Army. Why is this big news? Several reasons: Making M4s for our military is new ground for Remington and what’s learned out … Continue reading

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Africa 2012 – Buffalo: The Rifle

Choosing a rifle for African Buffalo is really no more important or different than choosing one for Alabama whitetails. Any time you’re hunting you desire a reliable and accurate rifle that has enough power to cleanly take your intended quarry. … Continue reading

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