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Dogs’ lives are too short.  Their only fault, really. Agnes Sligh Turnbull I saw it coming. Was helpless. Felt the long bladed dull knife drive to the hilt between my shoulders. The driver stopped. It wasn’t his fault. I motioned … Continue reading

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Outdoor Ready

Gunsite instructor Ed Stock explains the outdoor ready position with a shotgun. This position is also compatible with a rifle or carbine. With outdoor ready the idea is to be in a position from which you can readily assume a … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Ed Stock

Ed Stock was the instructor during my first Gunsite class. Even today when I miss what I’m shooting at, I hear that unmistakeable voice in my ear saying, “Front sight.” Ed has been around at Gunsite longer than anyone but … Continue reading

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All Purpose 223 Rem Bullet

Can you guess which load this is? This bullet penetrated 12 inches in 10% ordnance gelatin. I was shocked to learn about this load’s existence.

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