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Dogs’ lives are too short.  Their only fault, really. Agnes Sligh Turnbull I saw it coming. Was helpless. Felt the long bladed dull knife drive to the hilt between my shoulders. The driver stopped. It wasn’t his fault. I motioned … Continue reading

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Outdoor Ready

Gunsite instructor Ed Stock explains the outdoor ready position with a shotgun. This position is also compatible with a rifle or carbine. With outdoor ready the idea is to be in a position from which you can readily assume a … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Ed Stock

Ed Stock was the instructor during my first Gunsite class. Even today when I miss what I’m shooting at, I hear that unmistakeable voice in my ear saying, “Front sight.” Ed has been around at Gunsite longer than anyone but … Continue reading

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All Purpose 223 Rem Bullet

Can you guess which load this is? This bullet penetrated 12 inches in 10% ordnance gelatin. I was shocked to learn about this load’s existence.

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Remington Defense & Hot Brass

Five days at Gunsite will test your gear. This is where good guns break and old men realize they are old. It’s also where you can easily throw out your back and blow out a knee while working through shooting … Continue reading

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Testing Them All

Some folks may wonder why I allow Timney Triggers to sponsor the Empty Cases BLOG. (Advertisements are not sold for the Empty Cases BLOG, the company banners flown here represent companies I endorse. They make products I use – not … Continue reading

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Good Handgunner Advice

Last Wednesday I got to sit down and talk with Buz Mills – the owner of Gunsite – about several things. Amoung the topics discussed was his advice for someone wanting to obtain a handgun for personal protection. I didn’t … Continue reading

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