New Remington Rifles for 2012

In 1962 Remington unleashed the model 700 and with it the 7mm Remington Magnum. Both have left a mark on hunters and shooters that history will never rub away. The 700 is probably the most used bolt action rifle in the world and the 7mm Magnum is one of the most worldly cartridges.

Remington is celebrating this 50 year anniversary with a very distinct Remington 700.

2012 Limited Offering Model 700 BDL in 7mm Remington Magnum

Satin Finish “B” Grade Walnut with Cut Fleur-di-Lis Checkering

Satin Blue Carbon Steel 24” Barreled Action

Black Vented Recoil Pad

White Line Spacers on Recoil Pad, Grip Cap, and Fore End Tip

Commemorative Laser Engraved Hinged Floorplate

X-Mark Pro® Externally Adjustable Trigger at 3 ½ Pounds

MSRP – $1399  Order Number – 84063

If that were not enough, there will be a special model 700 CDL too which will retail for about $ 200 less.

As cool as these two commemerative rifles are, I think my favorite new rifle from Remington is the stainless Mountain Rifle with the lightweight Bell & Carlson synthetic stock made with aramid fiber. Aramid fiber is a royalty free way to say Kevlar. The new Mountain Rifle has a price tag of $1123.47.


About gunwriter

Born and raised in the West Virginia hills, Richard literally grew up in the woods. He has chased coon hounds until daylight, waited out whitetails perched high in an oak, canoed the New River and hunted from the Montana Mountains to the Green Hills of Africa. During service in the Army and later as a municipal police officer and Special Agent with the railroad police, Richard obtained numerous certifications in small arms instruction. He has trained military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilians in the application of firearms for defensive, competitive and recreational use. Richard won the West Virginia Governor’s Twenty Award for law enforcement, the West Virginia National Guard State Pistol Competition and earned his Distinguished Medal with pistol. Badge turned in, Richard is now a contributing editor for several magazines. He was the compiling author of the book, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter and conceptualized and contributed to Selecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle. Richard also contributed a chapter to the John Velke book, The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. Richard has patents on a riflescope reticle and a revolutionary bullet testing media. A hillbilly at heart, Richard lives on Shadowland - his shooting range in West Virginia - with the most understanding wife in the world, their three kids and a very protective ridgeback hound.
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20 Responses to New Remington Rifles for 2012

  1. Brian Smith says:

    Thanks for the info. I am personally boycotting all things Remington until they start supporting their own 30 AR. New rifles are always nice to look at and hold though…

  2. james archibald says:

    Hey gun writer, any idea if the SS Mountain Rifle will be offered in .260 or the SAUM’s?

  3. KL says:

    I’m an ardent model 700 fan, but it just kills me that Remington won’t put out a stainless mountain rifle (or any rifle for that matter) in an 1/8″ twisted .260 Rem. They have one of the finest cartridges ever created there and won’t support it properly.

    I just bought a used Mtn LSS in .260 with a 1/9 so I guess that will have to do. Would sure buy one of these new rifles on .260 if they were available…..

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  5. BOBBY says:


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  7. Teri Pence says:

    I wish they would make a light weight compact model seven in a synthetic stainless.. They make different guns in the model 7 but they weight as much as a full size rifle taken away the benefit of a small gun.

  8. Hey Gunwriter will the Mountain Rifle be made for leftys

  9. Tristan Dawson says:

    Hi Gunwriter, when will the Mountain Rifle SS be available in stores to purchase? Has Remington published a spec sheet for this rifle?

  10. Ken Wilson says:

    would love to see a 257 SA ultra mag in a CDL SF. Also to bring back the 8mm Remington mag in one of the 700 series.

  11. Jerry says:

    Mountain rifles are made for hunting sheep and goats. Unless your in your 50’s and are tired of packing a 10 pound rifle. I live in north Idaho and killed a lot of elk with a 300 win and even more with an arrow. It took me a few years to figure out you can kill all the big game in the lower 48’s with a 25-06 and a nosler bullet. I’ll have this little rifle as soon as It becomes avalible. I’ve never had a bad shooting 700.

  12. dwayne says:

    wish they still chambered the 700 for .338 RUM with a 26 inch bull barrell and maybe a comp. wearing a bell and carlson stock.

  13. JEFFREY RULE says:


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