The Problem with the Taurus TCP

There is more to this story than what is shown in the video. When I first discovered the problem with the Taurus TCP I contacted Taurus and made them aware of the situation. After all, it was a new pistol and sometimes it take a bit to work the bugs out of a new design. They advised me to send it back and I did.

When it was returned they indicated there was a problem with the magazine. I couldn’t see how that would contribute to the problem so I contacted them again and spoke with an engineer who advised me on the correct way to pull a handgun trigger. That’s when I realized that Taurus had no intention of correcting the problem.

A month or so later at the SHOT Show, Taurus had several of these guns out for writers to test. I found that they all had the same flaw. Whether Taurus has corrected the problem not or not I have no idea but if you have one of these pistols, or if you are thinking about getting one, it’s something you need to be aware of.


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Born and raised in the West Virginia hills, Richard literally grew up in the woods. He has chased coon hounds until daylight, waited out whitetails perched high in an oak, canoed the New River and hunted from the Montana Mountains to the Green Hills of Africa. During service in the Army and later as a municipal police officer and Special Agent with the railroad police, Richard obtained numerous certifications in small arms instruction. He has trained military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilians in the application of firearms for defensive, competitive and recreational use. Richard won the West Virginia Governor’s Twenty Award for law enforcement, the West Virginia National Guard State Pistol Competition and earned his Distinguished Medal with pistol. Badge turned in, Richard is now a contributing editor for several magazines. He was the compiling author of the book, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter and conceptualized and contributed to Selecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle. Richard also contributed a chapter to the John Velke book, The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. Richard has patents on a riflescope reticle and a revolutionary bullet testing media. A hillbilly at heart, Richard lives on Shadowland - his shooting range in West Virginia - with the most understanding wife in the world, their three kids and a very protective ridgeback hound.
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19 Responses to The Problem with the Taurus TCP

  1. Jim Dodd says:


    You get a gold star for your position! And no, I would not carry this handgun. There are plenty out there that don’t have this feature.

    ps Jim Dodd’s first law of acquisition: if you can’t fix it , feature it…

  2. John in KS says:

    I wonder how many other articles about this pistol have been written? Is there some sort of inside-the-industry thing about not covering malfunctions, lest the manufacturer (who advertises heavily with the publication) be embarrassed?

    Just curious; because I like to know about new guns, warts and all.

    Oh, and I really thought that Taurus was better at taking care of issues than that.

    How disappointing.

  3. Dave B. says:

    So much for “second strike” capability.

  4. Aaron Spuler says:

    I’m going to link to this article tomorrow to get the word out. Thank you Richard!

  5. I appreciate a Real Mann’s opinion on a purchase I was about to make for La Pistolera. I thought this would be THE right pistol for her small frame to test for her Texas CHL.
    I now know this won’t be the case. My disappointment is off the scale with Taurus USA.
    I only hope if one of the Wheel Guns from Taurus that I own has an issue, that deal with me as they would like to treated all things being equal.


  6. Michael B. Saari says:

    Very good video on the Taurus.
    Thank you for sharing the cold hard truths especially in a panic self-defense situation.

  7. AlfSauve says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. I have a Taurus TCP, but discovered two other problems and decided that rather futzy with them to just get a different gun altogether. I just affirmed your problem, which doesn’t occur with any of my other guns. (yes I tested all my semi-autos this morning). I also had about 1 in 10 failures to EXTRACT leaving the empty shell half-in/out of the chamber and blocking the next round. Also the magazine came out several times unexpectedly. I do tend to carry 6+1 which put extra pressure on the mag release.

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  10. Ben says:

    Thanks for publishing this, I was actually very close to deciding to buy one in the next couple of weeks. I guess I need to change my plans.

  11. mike says:

    I have had similar problem with reset. Also had to send it back to taurus 2x for 1] trigger totally inop and many stovepipes and 2] still many stovepipes with 4 kinds of ammo. Has been improved but not there yet. Have several other Taurus pistols that work just fine.


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  13. Rapier says:

    Wow, i was thinking about buying this over a p3at or p32. You may have just saved my life.

  14. Fred Johnson says:

    From reading the owners manuals on the Taurus TCP and the Ruger LCP, they both mention that the trigger fully resets after the 2nd click. I assume the KelTec 3AT and all its clones are built the same way.

    I have fired the LCP many times and have never had an issue with the reset while I have experienced the reset problem with the TCP. I’m left to wonder if a heavier trigger return spring in the Taurus would help the TCP work as well as the LCP. People like light triggers but I think this is one case where a light trigger pull is not a good thing.

  15. Fred Johnson says:

    I was wrong about assuming both the TCP and the LCP were designed exactly the same. The Ruger LCP requires two clicks to fire the gun but the Ruger will not drop the hammer from halfway after one click like the Taurus TCP will. I tested the LCP next to the TCP to verify this.

    I also discovered at the KelTec forum that the older KelTecs had the same issue as the Taurus does now. However, at some point KelTec had rectified that issue and changed their design a bit.

    Now its Taurus’ time to change their design in the TCP, in my opinion.

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  17. Dicky says:

    I just recently bought a TCP and first thing noticed the same problem. I am also very displeased to report that within one month of concealed carry the finish has started to wear off and the firearm is now rusted! I clean and oil all of my guns regularly and I have never seen such quick deterioration of a firearm. This was my first Taurus and surely my last. What a disappointment!

  18. Dustin says:

    I rather like mine when compared to my Kel Tecs. I respect Kel Tec for being the first to put a decent foot forward in this size of firearm, where previously Jennings was king of the crap. But the fit and finish needs help bad. Anyway… I hated Taurus for years after one of their 9mm revolvers went kaboom in my hand while qualifying for my CWP. Until I got a PT1911AR. It’s like a Kimber for 1/3 of the price. I had the Ruger P89 for nigh on a decade, guess what; It does/did the same thing you’re reporting about the PT738. Is it so hard to let the trigger go forward all the way? If you’ve developed a bad habit in your shooting technique, who manufactured the bad habit? I will say that this is an odd quirk and some may find it undesirable. I’d like to see this changed, but I don’t consider it as important as you do. Kel Tec changed it, too. They used to do this… It only explains the roots. Look at Ruger’s copy, same ‘problem’ as the original Kel Tecs. It goes to show you how long these companies have been plotting, er, planning to copy the Kel Tec design. It’s based off of the original Kel Tec design, not the newer ones, the hardware that Taurus, S&W, and Ruger have been reverse engineering are old and they’re just making copies; real engineers aren’t involved. I still prefer my TCP over the original because it doesn’t try to break off my trigger finger like my Kel Tec does. I think the trigger reset is less of an issue than never wanting to shoot my gun because it damages me…

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