.30 Remington AR – The Saga Continues

You can tell hunting season is approaching. Over the last week this blog has seen a 300% increase in searches and visits to posts about the .30 Remington AR. Every year about this time hunters start getting that urge to try a new rifle and its obvious this cartridge stirs interest.

I cannot predict the future of the .30 Remington AR but I will say this; it is still in my opinion the best big game cartridge available for an AR 15. Many that reload worry about the unavailability of brass and I understand that. With the .30 Rem. AR’s future hanging in the balance, brass and ammo is a legitimate concern.

But let’s look at this from a practical standpoint. 20 rounds of ammo should get most of us through a hunting season. That is unless you just plain cannot shoot. That means that 20 boxes of ammo should last at least 15 years. If you reload, 400 cases are a lot. At least for most hunters.

It would not be a bad move to buy a .30 Remington AR and 20 boxes of ammo. In my experience, the UMC load is very accurate and the AccuTip load offers the best external and terminal ballistics. For reloaders wanting to build hunting rounds, the 150 grain Ballistic Tip or AccuBond will do everything this cartridge is capable of. The 110 grain Tipped Triple shock is a great choice too.

The cartridge responds well to a lot of different powders like Benchmark, H322, and IMR 8208 XBR. AA 2200 works great in my bolt gun and I’ve settled on H322 in the AR.

Remington may be letting the cartridge flounder and as of yet no other ammo manufacturer has stepped up. Until someone other than Remington and DPMS offers the cartridge in an AR or better yet a super compact bolt gun, I doubt they will.

Still, if you want to hunt big game with an AR and refuse to carry the added weight of an AR 10, there is no better option than a R15 in .30 Remington AR. Last year after taking my first WV bear with that combination I was hooked and remain so. I think I’ll shut up about it for awhile.

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Born and raised in the West Virginia hills, Richard literally grew up in the woods. He has chased coon hounds until daylight, waited out whitetails perched high in an oak, canoed the New River and hunted from the Montana Mountains to the Green Hills of Africa. During service in the Army and later as a municipal police officer and Special Agent with the railroad police, Richard obtained numerous certifications in small arms instruction. He has trained military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilians in the application of firearms for defensive, competitive and recreational use. Richard won the West Virginia Governor’s Twenty Award for law enforcement, the West Virginia National Guard State Pistol Competition and earned his Distinguished Medal with pistol. Badge turned in, Richard is now a contributing editor for several magazines. He was the compiling author of the book, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter and conceptualized and contributed to Selecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle. Richard also contributed a chapter to the John Velke book, The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. Richard has patents on a riflescope reticle and a revolutionary bullet testing media. A hillbilly at heart, Richard lives on Shadowland - his shooting range in West Virginia - with the most understanding wife in the world, their three kids and a very protective ridgeback hound.
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8 Responses to .30 Remington AR – The Saga Continues

  1. Michael B. Saari says:

    I might just get me one of these after seeing your article. Looks like the perfect rifle to me. Love the little bullet riffles.

  2. Brian Smith says:

    RamBow Mike, it’s a fun and potent rifle on the AR platform. Very accurate even with off-the-shelf Remington CoreLokts. Just be sure to do your research on ammunition, especially if you reload.

  3. Brian Smith says:

    Has anyone seen a magazine for the 30AR with a capacity of more than 5 rounds?

  4. Brian Smith says:

    I tried that. Could never get anyone on the phone who knew and no one ever answered emails. Thanks anyway.

  5. Travis Ahrens says:

    I gotta say, I was surprised to see an article on .30 RAR in the latest Shooting Illustrated. It appeared Remington was dropping this in favor of .300 AAC. And in the same issue, another article on the 7.62×40 … promising much of the same. And supposedly the AAC was due to SSK keeping tight reins on the Whisper, and now Hornady’s selling the Whisper.

    All the while, I’ve got a couple .30-30’s, a .338 MX, and a 6.8.

    I think I’ll stand pat.

    • gunwriter says:

      The .30 Rem AR is a great cartridge and the 7.62 X 40, Whisper or the Blackout are not in the same class. Someday, the world will get behind a .30 Cal AR cartridge. It won’t be the 7.62 X 39. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  6. mintu kumar says:

    Thanks for your nice posts. Please post more.

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