Every now and again I come across something really cool. The Versa Carry is one of those things. Check out the my full review of the Versa Carry next week on the Shooting Illustrated website. If you carry a concealed, this might be the best 20 bucks you can spend.


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Born and raised in the West Virginia hills, Richard literally grew up in the woods. He has chased coon hounds until daylight, waited out whitetails perched high in an oak, canoed the New River and hunted from the Montana Mountains to the Green Hills of Africa. During service in the Army and later as a municipal police officer and Special Agent with the railroad police, Richard obtained numerous certifications in small arms instruction. He has trained military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilians in the application of firearms for defensive, competitive and recreational use. Richard won the West Virginia Governor’s Twenty Award for law enforcement, the West Virginia National Guard State Pistol Competition and earned his Distinguished Medal with pistol. Badge turned in, Richard is now a contributing editor for several magazines. He was the compiling author of the book, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter and conceptualized and contributed to Selecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle. Richard also contributed a chapter to the John Velke book, The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. Richard has patents on a riflescope reticle and a revolutionary bullet testing media. A hillbilly at heart, Richard lives on Shadowland - his shooting range in West Virginia - with the most understanding wife in the world, their three kids and a very protective ridgeback hound.
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  1. Michael B. Saari says:

    Richard, It’s always nice to see you in the videos since I’ve been reading your articles for many years. (It’s nice to see an action figure with the name)
    The versa carry puts the handgun against the back and is void of any padding between the gun and the body. Personally, I use a soft shell holster for concealed carry because of rubbing.

  2. James S. says:

    You’d be surprised how comfortable the unit actually is. I’ve used it on several different pocket 380s and I like it.

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  4. Motor-T says:

    “•DO NOT use this product to carry any handgun with a live round in the chamber.”
    The holster doesn’t cover the trigger. That’s a deal breaker for me.

    • gunwriter says:

      I discussed this NO LOADED CHAMBER carry with Justin. This warning is nothing more than attempt at litigation protection from a one man operation. Lots of guns have warnings against using handloaded ammo but that doesn’t stop or worry anyone. Everyone will not like this holster but for the cost its worst trying. How else an you to form an educated opinion?

  5. Allen D says:

    I’ve use a versa carry on my lcp for about 2 weeks now and I think its pretty cool. Definitely worth adding to my collection of holsters.

  6. VersaCarry says:

    Comments from some of our customers.

    I just received my second versa carry. One for my Kahr 380 and now my
    Glock 26. These holsters are the BEST. It beats the IWB and safer than a
    pistol stuck in your pants. Keep up the good work. Tony Amelio Ret

  7. VersaCarry says:

    I recently purchased a VersaCarry holster for Concealed Carry. It is an inside the waist holster and it is very comfortable. It has a unique design that makes it less bulky than any other holster I have seen or used. At $25 when you add shipping cost they are also the most reasonably priced concealed carry holster you will find. It is definitely well worth the money.

  8. MCoffman says:

    I’ve had my VersaCarry (medium) holster for about 3 weeks now and it works great. I bought it for my Glock 19 (compact), then I got a Glock 26 (sub-compact), and the VersaCarry still works great for that. I is very cost effective, and it cuts down on the dreadful holster bulk. I recommend this product to all who are considering an IWB holster. Trust me, I have tried several.

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  10. JLeman says:

    After over 33 yrs of LEO work, and 8 yrs of retirement, I found this Versa Carry to be the best –
    I can carry it in front or behind my back, with ease and comfort. I carry a S&W DAO 3954. ALso carry a 4″ auto. knife under my CW Permit. U never know!
    FL Ret. D/S

  11. Bob Watkins says:

    I’ve got 2 versacarry. I am a retired police officer and carry from a 380 to a 40cal. I love the holster and several of my friends uses them.I recommend it. The only problem is its not that easy to put back after a draw and shoot.

  12. Greg says:

    Too bad they cannot provide what they promise. BBB will be informed! BUYER BEWARE!!!

  13. Greg says:

    ISSUE RESOLVED, Disregard prior comments They are good people!

  14. Robert Watkins says:

    I am a retired police officer and I bought 2 versa carry. I think they are great. the only problem is reholster your weapon. And I called Justin to tell him of a inprovement. At sport stores they sell a cloth tape for bows,witch is as wide as versacarry holster and sticks on. It will keep you weapon from scraching against holster. BOB

  15. david says:

    Simply AMAZING! Makes the largest caliber you are willing to carry LARGER!!!

    • The holster es very good. I’m a retired police officer and carry everyday. If you buy the tape they on use on Bows it is cloth and a glue on the back. it just fits the holster where your gun rubs. This will stop blueing from rubbing off.

  16. Ken Booster says:

    I use the Versacarry with my Ruger LC9 and find it to be not only comfortable, but also extremely concealed. I plan on ordering one for my Glock 23.

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