A New Trigger Fix for Savage Edge / Axis Rifles

Some aftermarket triggers can be as much fun to install as squeezing a pimple. Timney Triggers offers a full line of easy to install triggers but I’m not sure any of them are any easier to install than their new trigger for the Savage Edge / Axis Rifles.

Ten minutes tops is all it should take you. I did it the first time in less than that and took photos. The new trigger is incredibly crisp and broke – unadjusted – at 1.75 pounds with absolutly NO creep.

You can install the Timney Trigger for the Savage Edge / Axis rifle in less than 10 minutes.

If you have one of these affordable rifles and do not like the factory trigger. THIS is the solution. Call Timney at 602-274-2999 to order.

This trigger can also be adjusted without taking the action out of the stock.


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4 Responses to A New Trigger Fix for Savage Edge / Axis Rifles

  1. Jim Dodd says:

    I have always had an interest in triggers since my benchrest shooting days, and sometimes “drop in” really means some assembly required. I remember the first tang safety Ruger M77 rifle I wanted to convert to a Timney trigger. The “box” containing the trigger wanted me to cut more wood from the stock than I wanted (it was a .338 Win Mag), so I smoothed the factory unit to get what I wanted….jim

  2. Michael B. Saari says:

    Here is the link showing my latest YouTube video showing my 20 acre hunting parcel in Milan Michigan building my 3-story deer blind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW25Q6Wj89c
    Just type in RamBowMike.
    You can check out all my other youtube videos if you want. (They are all entertaining)

  3. Adam says:

    There are multiple ways to get the trigger fixed. You can risk cutting your current spring or use a mechanical pencil spring, but I really don’t recommend that since you are asking for trouble. If you look at the basix and timney triggers you adjust the weight and the seer and safety have to be adjusted. I wanted something safe and easy. The basix trigger is cheaper, but you have to change the WHOLE trigger assembly and not just the trigger. If you read the fine print you have to use loktight on the 4 setting adjustment knobs so it will be a bear to change if you got it wrong when installing it at home. Also, there seems to be a flaw with the trigger assembly since they tell you not to quickly reload using the bolt or you can damage the assembly. In other words their trigger is a bit flawed or touchy and can be damaged. I’d hate to be the guy that misses the deer and breaks his trigger trying to reload and shoot again. I literally just installed a timney trigger in my .308 savage edge last week. It was pretty much drop in. Remove two bolts to remove the action (rifle shell). Remove this little c shaped clamp on the side of the trigger so you can remove the bolt that attaches the trigger. Then put the old trigger, spring, and c clamp in a baggie. That way if anything should happen to your rifle you still will have your warranty by having all the original parts. You install the new spring, trigger, and use the original bolt and replacement c clamp (awesome on the clamp, they go flying when you take them off). Then adjust the seer. Basically you just turn the bolt until it fires and then loosen it up 60 degrees. There’s a little nut behind the seer bolt and you tighten it down with your fingers once it is set. Then you adjust your pull weight. You get to decide. It can be anything from 1.5 to 3 (or 3.5) pounds. Set mine to the lowest. Then adjust the safety bolt until you turn on the safety and loosen it in small increments until it finally can be turned on and off. Re-install the action. Test that safety works. Cock the gun and bump it hard against the floor several times to make sure it won’t misfire. Depending on the settings you may have to very slightly re-adjust the setting bolts. I was able to install mine in 12 minutes. Only 1/5 of that was actual install. The rest was triple re-reading the instructions and testing the rifle so it works and was at the weight I wanted. The timney is higher, but worth it. It is pretty much drop in. Mine (yours may vary) was pretty much set right, I just wanted a lighter trigger. I think mine was set around 3 pounds factory. It was very easy to install. No worries. You just need some allen wrenches (they include wrenches for the settings, but not the action that you have to remove to install the trigger) and a flat head screwdriver. The cool thing besides being easy to install is the settings stay in place so no loktight. You can remove one bolt and remove the trigger guard and then you can easily adjust your settings in the field if you want a heavier or lighter trigger or if you messed it up slightly. Your warranty is still valid, just don’t mail them your rifle with a timney trigger installed, re-install your old trigger. Many gunsmiths refuse to work on this rifle. Adjustments to the original trigger only get you so far. Plus, many gunsmiths use a timney trigger and you are just paying $75-$125 extra to have them do it for you and it really is easy. Just really bang the rifle when it is cocked (no ammo of course) and make sure it won’t accidentially fire. My trigger was super crisp, no overtravel, no play in the safety, and my rifle no longer moves slightly by pulling a heavy trigger. You add a timney trigger and one of those on sale nikon monarch 3-9×40 scopes on ebay for around $220 and you have a winning combo. I know you are paying the same amount as the rifle for both, but it really does make the rifle seem like a quality rifle. NIkon monarch clarity, light crisp trigger, and savage accuracy. You’ll be deadly on the range and against the whitetails in your area. I know the weight is minor, but it really really really does make a difference. I went from 1.5 to 3″ groups last year to .5″ groups this year. We owe it to ourselves (stress relief) and to the deer (by not missing) to add this to your rifle.

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