Rifleman’s Rifle or Hunter’s Rifle

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About gunwriter

Born and raised in the West Virginia hills, Richard literally grew up in the woods. He has chased coon hounds until daylight, waited out whitetails perched high in an oak, canoed the New River and hunted from the Montana Mountains to the Green Hills of Africa. During service in the Army and later as a municipal police officer and Special Agent with the railroad police, Richard obtained numerous certifications in small arms instruction. He has trained military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilians in the application of firearms for defensive, competitive and recreational use. Richard won the West Virginia Governor’s Twenty Award for law enforcement, the West Virginia National Guard State Pistol Competition and earned his Distinguished Medal with pistol. Badge turned in, Richard is now a contributing editor for several magazines. He was the compiling author of the book, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter and conceptualized and contributed to Selecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle. Richard also contributed a chapter to the John Velke book, The True Story of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. Richard has patents on a riflescope reticle and a revolutionary bullet testing media. A hillbilly at heart, Richard lives on Shadowland - his shooting range in West Virginia - with the most understanding wife in the world, their three kids and a very protective ridgeback hound.
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One Response to Rifleman’s Rifle or Hunter’s Rifle

  1. James Mark VanTress says:

    Hmmm, Riflemans Rifle or Hunters Rifle…? I use both, the Winchester model 70.
    I have four M-700’s. I’ve yet to hunt with them. Why do I have them? They are, to me, interesting models. Are they accurate? Only so-so. I’ve tried many loads and have found a few that will center about 1.25″ @ 100 yds. for five rounds. My worst M-70 is 1″ for the same and it likes 4 hand loads as well as three factory loads on average.
    Yes, I am biased but objective all the same. My first centerfire “big boys” rifle at age 14 was an M-70 in 30’06. A used Missouri Highway Patrol trade in. A “police” model to be exact. I will someday run across that M-700 that shoots and is built well.
    The quality of the M-700, I find is suspect. I find parts that fit poorly, (floorplates and trigger guards) , the original trigger was well below the kudos it received and the wood stocks I have seen in the last 10 years or so have been very poorly finished in the barrel channel and receiver cutout. The wood looked as though it had been roughed out with a hand rasp.
    Another gripe is the forend tip, ebony? No, paint. Grip cap? Paint. I realize affordability is and has been for 99% of the watchword. But if it isn’t real, why fake or falsify the accoutrement?
    Granted, the quality of the M-70 fell off a bit the last few years of New Haven manufacture. I HAD a few and yep, below par. But now? WOW! Very well made and great in all respects.
    The major popularity of 700’s these days is due to the mid-east war and all things, tactical. The military versions are anything but a Remington, and I’ve no interest in “tactical”.
    I carried for many years and still break it out to smile at it, a Remington Model 7 in 7mm-08. My wife benched this one and with the wispy but short 18.50″ barrel, she managed a .50″ group. Yes, 100 yds. and five rounds. Great little carbine.
    But hey, shoot and like what you like. I’m just glad we all do.
    Interestingly these last four years of hunting have seen me afield with a 1948 Marlin 336SC, .30WCF and my current and I know long lasting affair, Browning BLR LtWt in .358 Win.
    Just my opinion.

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